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The company ESONAR belongs to The Polish Detectives Association. We have been cooperating with Secret Service Agency, for many years so we are recommended by this agency.

  • Our company helps women escaping from domestic violence. We contact them with the therapeutic intervention station, which we cooperate with. The station provides the women with medical, psychological help, legal advice and offers them a shelter.

  • The company ESONAR provides customers with professional electronic detective equipment. "We offer our customers extraordinary devices for everyday use"

    They are devices for invigilation, contra-invigilation, getting and protecting information and devices for protecting estate.

    ESONAR sells different monitoring systems for your house, office , parking etc. High quality equipment, which is offered by our company, is easy to install. The devices are do-it-yourself products. You can use them just after installation. Our satisfied customers inform us about their expectations so it lets us meet their needs and develop our offer.

    We also offer services of searching rooms and cars in order to check if there are any eavesdropping devices, mini cameras or other such devices.

    Nowadays the equipment offered by our company is necessary in many companies. It lets employers monitor efficiency and reliability of their employees. Parents can control their children and baby-sitters. The devices are sold legal and government authorities and legal persons.

    ESONAR distributes FON TEL telephone calls recorders. We are authorized dealer of radio-communication system of ICOM company.